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According to research in the last couple of years, nearly 60% of us Brits don’t have a will made out. While it can be difficult to think about the day we die, ensuring that our assets and property are distributed according to our wishes is one of the most important things we can do. 
Reasons for not having a will vary. Mostly it’s because we don’t expect to die tomorrow! Putting it off, unfortunately, can cause huge problems should something happen unexpectantly. 
The good news it doesn’t take long to have a will drafted and it can put your mind at ease. You then have it on record and can even update or change it at a later date if you so wish. 
Why You Should Have a Will 
Most of us have some property or assets that we want to be given to loved ones when we die. For some that might be just a few important possessions such as a car or a savings account. It can also include your home or other property. 
If you die without leaving a will it means your loved ones have to go through a range of legal hoops to settle your estate. When this happens, you are considered to have died intestate which means the state will have decide how your estate is to be distributed. If you have a sizeable amount of assets, this can take time and money to sort out. For loved ones, mourning your passing, it can be a difficult period anyway. A will ensures that your wishes are understood and carried out and that your estate is settled relatively quickly. 
Even if only have a small number of assets, writing a will is a good idea. If you are living with a partner and not married, for example, passing everything on to them when you die can only be guaranteed if you have a will stating that is what you want. There may be individual, personal items that you want to bequeath to a family member or close friend. If you are worried about paying inheritance tax you can put in provisions that reduce your risk. A will also reduces the risk of any dispute should those you leave behind want to contest your estate.   There can be no dispute about what your intentions were. 
Which Will Writing Service Should You Choose? 
There are several options that you can choose if writing a will, including online services.  The trouble with these is that they can vary and mistakes are often made.  There have been stories of wills not being properly worded or witnessed incorrectly so that they are invalid.  While they might seem like the cheaper option, they can actually cost you more in the long run. 
It's much better to talk through your will with a qualified solicitor and ensure that you have everything covered that you need to.  At DSM Legal Solicitors we’re experts in all aspects of will drafting probate. You can be sure that every eventuality is considered when you have your will written using our professional team.   
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