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Professional Negligence Solicitors 

At DSM Legal Solicitors, our expert professional negligence solicitors are here to provide a free initial telephone consultation if you have suffered loss due to a solicitor’s professional negligence. Complete our contact form at the bottom of this web page or telephone 01925 937070 to find out if we can help you. 
We have an outstanding success rate in these cases and if we take your professional negligence case, after our free initial assessment, we will do so on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. Call us in confidence to discuss your case. 

‘No Win, No Fee’ Professional Negligence Claims against Solicitors - Call now for advice 01925 937070 

A solicitor, like any other professional, can sometimes get it wrong. The consequences for their client can be disastrous as the result of serious financial loss or the loss of an opportunity to pursue a claim. 
Fortunately solicitors are insured for professional negligence claims, so there is compensation available for successful claims. 

What types of solicitors’ negligence do you deal with? 

The following are just some of the specialist areas of solicitors’ professional negligence we deal with: 
Claim struck out due to a solicitor missing a time limit or deadline set by the Court 
Employment solicitors negligence 
Failure to issue a claim in time so that it becomes statute-barred 
Solicitors’ negligence in medical negligence and clinical negligence 
Conveyancing solicitors’ negligence 
Solicitors failing to obtain after the event insurance so that you have been personally responsible for paying costs 
Solicitors failure to advise on costs and overcharging 

What if my solicitor has gone out of business or has no assets? 

Solicitors are required to have in place professional indemnity insurance that will cover any such claims. We will investigate this at the outset of your claim. 

Time Limits – Professional Negligence Claims 

There are strict time limits in bringing a professional negligence claim, usually it is six years from the date of the negligence. However this may be extended where the negligence only becomes apparent at a later date known as “date of knowledge”. 
It is always best to speak to a solicitor as soon as you become aware of the negligence to ensure that you do not miss the time limit and your claim becomes ‘statute barred’, meaning that your claim is likely to fail as the Defendant will argue your claim is out of time. 
Although the Court has a discretion to disapply the limitation period this is, in reality, rarely exercised. 

Why should I use DSM Legal Solicitors for my claim? 

We’re here to help you claim the compensation you deserve for a professional’s wrongdoing. Through our years of experience working in this area of the law, we understand the impact it can have when you things go wrong.  
Our No Win No Fee Agreements mean that the success fee we charge is payable only if your claim succeeds. The percentage of the success fee is assessed on a case-by-case basis. We will advise you fully about this once we are able to carry out a risk assessment and prior to you entering into a No Win No Fee Agreement with us. We will also advise you whether you should take out what is known as 'After the Event' insurance to cover your expenses - such as Court fees - in the event that your case were to fail. Please note that ATE premiums are payable by you at the end of the case if your claim succeeds - this is in addition to the success fee.  

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