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Will Drafting Solicitors in Warrington It is one of the most important documents you can create but nearly two thirds of people in the UK don’t have a Will.  We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and advise on the type of Will that would be suitable for you. We will then tell you the all-inclusive price with no hidden costs.   Call us on 01925 937070 for free advice or  Request a Call Back 

"Why Make a Will?" 
Deciding to make a Will is one of the most important decisions you can make. It should be a priority. 
It ensures that your wishes are made known to those left behind and gives you control of where your money, property and possessions will go. If you die before making a Will you will have died ‘intestate’ and your estate will be distributed under the intestacy rules in accordance with the Administration of Estates Act. 
When the intestacy rules were developed in 1925 most people were married and stayed married. Whilst that is no longer always the case unfortunately the law hasn’t caught up. If you are not married, or in a civil partnership, your spouse or partner will not inherit any part of your estate. It will be distributed to blood relatives in strict order of priority, which may not be what you wanted to happen. 
Second marriages with children from a previous marriage or relationship are not uncommon nowadays. Whilst it is usual for married couples to leave their entire estate to thier spouse there is always the possiblity that your spouse could remarry after your death.  
In that case there is a risk that the children of the new spouse would inherit your estate, rathen than your children.  
A tailored Will can avoid such unexpected and unforeseen consequences.  
"Do I still need to make a Will if I don't have a large estate?" 
Maybe you don’t have a large estate but you may still wish to leave a particular possession to a named individual, even though it may not be worth a great deal of money. Disputes with family members can arise where relatives disagree over who was meant to have certain items. This is entirely avoided when your wishes are clearly expressed in a Will. 
Do you have children who are under 18? If so you can appoint a Guardian in your Will to look after your children in the event of your death. It isn’t pleasant to think about, but failure to face the possibility and address it can cause great distress and upset for those left behind at the worst possible time. 
You may also wish to take advice about what steps can be taken to protect your estate against care home fees in the event that you or your spouse/partner have to go into care.  
"How soon should I make a Will?" 
The sooner a Will is made the better - regardless of age. There is no benefit to be gained by putting if off and there can be unforeseen consequences for relatives and loved ones if you leave it too late.  
Putting your affairs in order now makes for peace of mind and if circumstances do change it is a simple matter to update your Will.  

What are the requirements for making a Will? 

As a general rule you need to be 18 years old or older. Provided you have mental capacity there is nothing to stop you making a will. 

How much does it cost? 

Each person’s requirements are different. We provide individually tailored advice and so it is not possible to offer a “one size fits all” quotation. No two Wills are the same. Having a basic Will drafted may cost less but if not based on your individual circumstances is likely to be of limited value. It may also cost you more in the long term if it fails to deal with issues which might arise after your death - such as the possibility of disputes over your estate or inheritance tax liabilities. A Will is an essential part of your estate planning but there are many steps that you can take during your lifetime to minimise the effect of inheritance tax, such as taking advantage of exemptions and reliefs. 
Wills can be straightforward, but it is vitally important to discuss your requirements before you decide to go ahead and have a Will prepared.  
Call us for free initial advice 01925 937070  

Can I write my own Will? 

It is possible to purchase a D-I-Y Will kit or use a company offering cheap Wills but a Will is one of the most important documents that you will every create in your lifetime. Problems with a poorly drafted Will are not likely to be identified until the Will is sent to Probate. Attempts to remedy such problems can be protracted and costly and do not always end well for the beneficiaries named in the Will. There is no substitute for personal service when dealing with something as important as making a Will. 
What is the process for making a Will? 
A consultation is the first part of the process. This is essential so that your individual circumstances can be considered.  
Thereafter we can advise on any Inheritance Tax issues, whether a Trust is necessary (crucial if there is any likelihood of children or grandchildren under 18 benefiting under the Will), and if required, advice on bloodline Wills and reducing the impact of Care Home Fees.  
After we have given you our advice, you decide what you would like included in your Will.  
We will provide you with details of our costs based upon your requirements. 
We will then draft your Will - the final part of the process.  

What should I do now? 

Call us on 01925 937070 to make an appointment for a consultation or Request a Call Back
We will consider your circumstances and advise on your options.  
We will be able to advise on fees based on your individual circumstances. There will be no hidden extras or additional costs. 
There is no charge for storing your Will and we will provide a copy for your and your executors free of charge.  

What happens to my Will after I have signed it? 

We will store your Will free of charge and provide you with a copy and also a copy, if you wish, for your executors. The Probate Service also provide a storage service although there is a fee.  
Wherever you decide to keep the Will it must be kept in a safe place and your executors should be told where it is.  

I made a Will a few years ago – how do I know if it needs updating? 

We recommend your Will is reviewed every five years. However, certain occurrences have the effect of automatically revoking a Will, e.g. marriage. In this case the effect of marriage is that you have no Will and in this situation the Intestacy Rules would apply. If you are not sure whether your will needs updating, we would be happy to discuss this with you. Contact us to Request a Call Back 

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