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A teenager was recently awarded £1,000 by celebrity TV judge Judge Robert Rinder. 
Gregor Bowman, 19, took his cousin George Storrie to Court on the reality TV show after Storrie superglued a takeaway pizza box to his cousin's head and a mutual friend filmed the incident, later posting the video online. 
Speaking on the ITV show, Storrie admitted: 'I ate the contents of the munchie box and then I glued it to his head.' 
The victim of the prank, Bowman, explained: 'My girlfriend Chloe had to rip it off my head and it left a bald patch. Kyle [Burns] then put it on Facebook.' 
Judge Rinder branded Storrie a 'moron' and awarded Gregor Bowman £1,000 in damages.  Judge Rinder said that Bowman had suffered personal injury and 'reputational damage'. 
Storrie, however, was unremorseful following the verdict, saying: 'I'm not happy with the outcome. He got let off lightly because the plan was to superglue his finger to the dog's arse but I ended up feeling sorry for the dog. The next time he falls asleep it will be a lot worse.' 
We think that this won't be the last we hear of Gregor Bowman and George Storrie! 
You can visit the Solicitors' Journal by clicking here to read more about this story. 
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