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Russell Hobbs Iron Recall – New wave of compensation claims 
Over a year since we first reported the problem, DSM Legal are still receiving enquiries from people who have suffered severe burns as a result of a defect with their iron; suggesting there are still many people out there unaware of the Russel Hobbs iron recall. 
15 Russell Hobbs Irons Recalled 
Spectrum Brands, Russell Hobbs’s parent company, issued a recall on 15 models of iron 12 months ago. Having received a number of new enquiries in relation to injuries sustained from the irons in the past few weeks alone, we wanted to raise awareness of the issue once again. 
Problems regarding Russell Hobbs irons first came to light in November 2014 after customers began posting complaints to the firm’s Facebook page, saying their irons had caught fire while they were using them. 
Despite learning about an issue with the flex used in certain models of iron in 2012, the company only started to recall the affected irons some 18 months later; shortly after a BBC Watchdog investigation uncovered the extent of the problem. 
New wave of personal injury claims 12 months after the Russell Hobbs Iron Recall 
Since December last year, DSM Legal has represented a large number of claimants who have been injured as a result of the faulty irons. Despite the iron recall taking place over a year ago, we continue to receive enquiries from clients wanting to bring a claim. 
One of the clients we represented in a claim against Russell Hobbs was Rebecca fromChester. Rebecca was at home doing her ironing using a Russell Hobbs Steam Glide model. 
She was holding the iron close to where the flex comes out of the base.  Suddenly, flames started shooting out from where the flex entered into the unit and very shortly afterwards she was aware of a bang from the socket.  As a result of the defective iron, Rebecca sustained serious burns to her right dominant wrist. 
Rebecca contacted DSM Legal after reading about the issue with the flex on many models and Russell Hobbs iron recall. Within 6 months we had settled her claim, achieving a sum of £2,250.00. This settlement not only compensated Rebecca for the pain and suffering caused though no fault of her own, but also funded charges for the prescriptions she required and the care Rebecca needed from her husband for the weeks directly following the injury. 
Commenting on the settlement she received, Rebecca said: “I am impressed with the speed and professionalism shown by the team at DSM Legal”. 
Bringing a Russell Hobbs injury claim is very straightforward.   If your claim does not succeed there is nothing to pay –meaning there is absolutely no financial risk to you. 
Having carried out several of these injury claims already, we are well placed to achieve the maximum settlement available to you. Please contact us today for a free of charge discussion about starting a claim. 
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