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An article in the Law Society Gazette reports that profits have soared at one of the UK’s largest motor insurance companies. 
Profits Soar at Direct Line Insurers 
The article quotes Tom Jones, head of policy at claimant firm Thompsons Solicitors, as saying: 
’The government is under pressure from insurers to change the law to make it more difficult for those injured on the roads or at work to make a claim for damages - insurers claim there is a ‘compensation culture’ and a whiplash epidemic and the only way to lower prices for motorists is to restrict access to justice for anyone injured anywhere. 
’But they are keeping quiet about the £8bn they have saved in the last few years and they don’t mention that last year road accident claims dropped by 7% and workplace accident and disease claims by 21%. What we really have is fat cat insurers’ with an insatiable appetite for profit refusing to be transparent and no one in government prepared to call them out.’ 
Diane Massey of DSM Legal Solicitors says: 
“The facts speak for themselves. The so-called ‘compensation culture’ is a myth. The only people who will suffer if the insurers have their way in preventing access to justice are innocent victims who have suffered injury through no fault of their own. 
In my experience fraudulent claims are a tiny percentage of claims and no doubt decreasing year on year because of stringent measures brought in to deal with them. 
Fraudulent insurance claims are a concern to everybody but in a fair and civilized society it is wrong to use them as an excuse to deprive genuine claimants (the vast majority) of the compensation that they deserve.  Who would ever suggest that welfare benefits should be stopped for everybody because there are some who commit benefit fraud? The answer is to target the fraudsters.  Everybody has to take out third party liability car insurance because it is the law; similarly employers are obliged by law to have employers’ liability insurance. 
So why shouldn’t insurers pay out if you are injured through the negligence of a third party?  Do not be fooled into believing that the government’s intention to prevent ordinary people from bringing compensation claims will lower insurance premium – it won’t – but it will increase profits for insurers and hence dividends to shareholders. 
The government needs to listen to those who speak for the ordinary members of the public – not just those huge corporate bodies who have the means and financial clout to ensure that their voices are heard above all others.” 
DSM Legal Solicitors are a firm of solicitors based in Warrington and can be contacted on 01925 937070 or email diane@dsmlegal.co.uk. 
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