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When you visit a professional like a solicitor, you are essentially depending on their expertise, training and knowledge of the law to guide you through any potential issue you may have. You might, for example, be in need of someone who has experience of personal injury claims or you may simply want a solicitor who can handle the conveyancing on your house sale. 
The most common areas where legal negligence often occurs are: 
Your solicitor fails to issue your claim in time and it is statute-barred. 
There’s a conflict of interest where they deal with your case but also with someone or an organisation connected to it. 
They don’t explain things clearly enough so that you understand the risks and what is needed to win your particular case or omit certain information that may have influenced your decision whether to proceed or not. 
A common mistake is missing court deadlines or failing to deal with your case in a timely manner so that the claim is struck out and you aren’t able to proceed with your legal action. 
It’s often the case that most failures by a solicitor are not down to legal mistakes but problems with procedure.  For example, you might employ the services of a single solicitor who is overworked which means they can’t devote the time your case actually needs.  They might have shortcomings when it comes to noting down details and recording the facts of your case. In some cases, you might have junior member of staff carrying out certain work where a more experienced solicitor is really required. 
You may not have had direct contact with a solicitor to have been the victim of negligence. Let’s say, for example, that you are the joint owner of a property.  If your co-owner contacts a solicitor to mortgage the property and you are not consulted you may well have a case to claim compensation. If it has caused you loss in some way, any action by a solicitor that contributed to this and which can be proven can be considered for compensation. 
Any solicitor needs to have indemnity insurance in case a claim is bought against them – this is relevant if they have subsequently gone out of business in the time since the incident surrounding your claim occurred. 
Finally, there are time limits when it comes to solicitor negligence cases – normally six years from the date of occurrence, though under certain circumstances this can be extended. 
If you feel that you have suffered a loss because of your solicitor’s negligence, then it’s important you get further legal advice.  This might seem difficult after you’ve had such a bad experience with the profession but if you want to claim compensation then you need to find a team that can not only restore your faith but ensure you get all the help you need. 
At DSM Legal Solicitors we have a team of experienced legal minds who are highly knowledgeable on the issue of solicitor negligence.  We provide an initial free assessment where we sit down and discuss your case.  That means you can find out where you stand and how to move forward – you’ll get an honest and open appraisal from the start and it’s your choice after that whether you proceed.  We also operate on a 'no win no fee' basis so you don’t have to worry about finding the money upfront to pay our fees. We will charge a success fee if your case is successful - the percentage of the success fee is assessed on a case-by-case basis. We will advise you fully about this once we are able to carry out a risk assessment and prior to you entering into a No Win No Fee Agreement with us. 
Contact our friendly team today on 01925 937070 to find out more. 
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