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Most of us tend not to think too deeply about the future when it comes to the legal side of our health or wellbeing. It’s important, however, to have contingency plans in place to provide protection later in life. 
None of us knows what the future holds which is why putting in place a lasting power of attorney or LPA can give peace of mind. It’s a legal document that ensures a nominated person can protect your interests according to your wishes should the need arise. 
At DSM Legal, we provide power of attorney legal advice in the Warrington and surrounding areas. 
What is Power of Attorney? 
Lasting power of attorney is a legal document that sets how you want your affairs to be handled. For example, if you develop dementia in later life, an LPA can be used to ensure that your loved ones will be able to provide support and take decisions for you about your health or finances. 
Most people think that if you become sick or are unable to take care of your affairs, the family or spouse automatically take over. This is not the case and, without a power of attorney, you would have to apply to the court to act as a deputy and handle things like financial transactions or make decisions about healthcare. 
There are two types of power of attorney and you can create either one or both depending on your potential future needs. 
LPA for Property or Financial Affairs 
This relates purely to any property that you may have or your financial affairs. You may have an accident and want someone to manage your money for you, for example, making payments from your bank account to cover bills or maintain or sell a property. 
This can be a temporary situation or something more long term depending on the circumstances. Power of attorney may be invoked while you recover from an injury or it might be put in place if you have a much more serious condition such as Alzheimer’s. 
LPA for Health and Welfare 
This allows the person nominated as your representative to make decisions concerning your health and wellbeing. For example, if you develop dementia, it could mean a loved one would be able to determine your treatment and manage things like your medication. 
Both types of LPA can be highly specific and include stipulations that you want your attorney to abide by. This could include complying with your wishes for end of life treatment or ensuring that certain financial transactions can be made while others are outside the remit of the agreement. 
It’s important if you want to put in place this kind of safety net, however, that you get really sound power of attorney legal advice. 
Why Choose DSM Legal? 
DSM Legal is a local firm that covers the North West including Warrington, Widnes and St Helens. 
We work directly with you to create a legal and effective LPA that is tailored for your needs and we can also provide home and hospital/care home visits to talk everything through with you. 
We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and handle every stage of putting an LPA in place. 
Get Power of Attorney Legal Advice Today 
If you have been thinking about putting an LPA in place and now want to discuss your options, contact DSM Legal on 01925 937070 to find out more. 
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