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Most of us will only call on a solicitor or legal team a few times during our lifetime. That might be to help, for example, in buying a home. You may have a problem at work you want legal advice for. Or you could be unlucky enough to suffer an accident and want help in making a personal injury claim. 
If you live in the Warrington area, there is a local firm who are on standby to give you all the legal support you need. It’s called DSM Legal. 
What Are Personal Injury Claims
If you have been the victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault but someone else was to blame, you may be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation. This is a fairly complex area of law and covers a wide range of different scenario so getting the right legal advice is important from the outset. 
Compensation is not just a gift handed out because you had an accident – it’s there to help you recover, make up for any loss of wages because of time off work, or supporting you if the injuries are life changing. 
A personal injury can be caused by a physical incident, disease or illness. It can also have both physical and psychological impacts that mean you need support and compensation. 
* You may have tripped or fallen badly at work and this was caused because of negligence by your employer or in a supermarket or other public place. 
* You might be the victim of an assault and are struggling with the psychological issues as well as physical injuries. 
* You could have suffered an as a result of using faulty products. 
At our Warrington Solicitors, we often see clients who are unsure whether they have a claim following a personal injury or not. While instances like car accidents can be relatively easy to ascertain where the blame lies, some others are not immediately obvious. 
That’s why you need to talk with a solicitor. 
Why Choose DSM Legal in Warrington? 
If you live in Warrington and need the advice of a solicitor, the good news is that DSM Legal are located at the International Business Centre in Westbrook close by. We are highly qualified and experienced and will listen carefully to you and talk you through your options. 
We operate a no win no fee service, which means you don’t have to find legal fees to get the advice you need. You only pay a success fee if the claim is successful and compensation awarded. That’s usually a percentage of the final award (which is capped at 25% of the compensation (including VAT) but is often lower, depending on how the case progresses. 
An initial consultation with our personal injury solicitor will establish if you have a claim. 
You will be given all the information you need in plain language so that you can decide whether to proceed or not. There won’t be any pressure put on you to go one way or the other. 
The truth is that compensation can be vital for anyone who has suffered a personal injury. It can help make up for any money lost because you couldn’t work. It can pay for facilities or services that enable you to lead a fuller life if there are long term consequences to your injury. It can also help you 
get psychological support and counselling if you need it. And last, but by no means least, you will be compensated for the pain and suffered caused by the negligence of the insurers of the party responsible. 
If you have had an accident and want to discuss whether you have the basis for a personal injury claim, contact DSM Legal today on 01925 937070
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