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When you’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault and suffered from a personal injury, it can be difficult to know where to turn to next. DSM Legal are personal injury compensation solicitors based in Warrington and our team is on hand right now to provide all the friendly advice you need. 
Have you been in a car accident that wasn’t your fault? 
Perhaps you were on a motorcycle or bike when you were hit by another vehicle. 
Maybe you were at work and your employer failed to ensure your safety which meant you had an accident. 
Perhaps you underwent a medical procedure that went wrong because of the negligence of the practitioner involved. 
Personal injury compensation covers a broad range of different claim areas. At our solicitors’ office in Warrington, we’ve seen more than our fair share of accidents and the people it affects. 
Can I Claim for Personal Injury Compensation? 
If the personal injury was caused by the negligence of another party, then yes. In some cases, you may already know the person or organisation that was at fault. In many cases that we see at our Warrington office, people aren’t always 100% sure who is to blame. At DSM Legal, we’ll listen to your story and help you decide whether a third party was at fault when it comes to your injury and then we’ll go through what steps you need to take. 
Of course, accidents do often occur out of the blue and there’s not always someone to blame at all. 
How Do I Make a Personal Injury Claim in Warrington? 
Based in the heart of Warrington, DSM Legal are one of the leading personal injury compensation solicitors for the region. We offer a no win no fee service which means you can come to us without worrying about having to find money up front. If your claim is successfully settled and you receive compensation, our fees will be taken as a percentage of that final amount. 
The first step is to gather together any information you have about your injury and bring that along to our solicitors office. If your injuries are such that you are unable to do this, we can arrange a visit to you. The legal team will listen to the story of your injury and then give a realistic appraisal of whether you have a claim or not. 
The compensation you can get will depend on the extent of your injuries and the impact it has had on your life. In some cases, for example, a person might be left with a lifetime disability which means the need for financial, physical and mental support across a number of years and even a lifetime. You might lose out on work or have to find lower paid employment because you are suddenly unable to do your existing job to your best ability. 
At DSM Legal Solicitors, we also help with issues like rehabilitation, getting you seen by the right people to ensure you recover as fully as possible. Should you suffer from financial difficulties before the claim is settled, we can put you in contact with financial experts who will help you out. 
If you live in the Warrington area and need the help of a personal injury compensation solicitor, contact our expert, friendly team at DSM Legal today on 01925 937070
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