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If you’ve been the victim of medical negligence, finding a local solicitor who can give you the support and legal advice you need is vital.  Based in Warrington, DSM Legal handle a wide range of claims and give legal advice all across Cheshire and the North West. 
You’ll get an understanding and compassionate team, standing by your side all the way if you need it while giving you the best legal advice available. 
What is Medical Negligence? 
Medical negligence can take a number of different forms. When we go to see a health professional, whether it’s a GP close to home or a surgeon in the hospital, we expect to access the expertise and the treatment we need. 
Mistakes to do happen, however. These occur perhaps because of tight time constraints leading to a misdiagnosis or simply because someone wasn’t well trained enough to do the job in the first place. It can also happen because of plain negligence on the part of the health care giver. 
The type of claims that we often deal with at DSM Legal in Warrington are: 
Failure or incorrect diagnosis: This often happens in respect of serious illnesses. Doctors and specialists get things wrong and that can have huge consequences for the patient. 
Delays in diagnosis: As we know, getting an accurate diagnosis in a timely manner is critical in the treatment of serious conditions. When there are unnecessary delays, that impacts on the health of an individual and can even be life threatening. 
Surgical negligence: When we talk about this area of healthcare, we immediately tend to think about operations or other surgical procedures that have gone wrong. If errors have happened when you have an operation, it may be because you received a lower standard of care than you should reasonably expect. 
There are certain aspects of medical negligence that may give you cause to consider claiming compensation. You might, for example, need money to help recover from life changing injuries. You may have had time off work because of the negligence or require counselling to come to terms with what has happened. 
It’s not just in your GP surgery or hospital where you may be subject to medical negligence. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with your dentist or you’ve been to a clinic for a beauty treatment such as Botox which wasn’t carried out properly. 
Do I Have a Medical Negligence Claim? 
Of course, the first thing on your mind if you have been the victim of medical negligence is not going to be legal advice.  Most people are too busy getting over the initial trauma and trying to come to terms with what has happened. 
Talking to a solicitor, however, should be a priority and you must get advice as soon as possible. 
One thing that tends to put people off is the potential cost.  At DSM Legal in Warrington, we operate a no win no fee service which means you don’t have to pay our costs until your case is settled in your favour.   Even then your costs are limited to the success fee, which of course is only payable if your claim succeeds. 
That means we can offer legal advice and get things moving straight away – we’ll be up front about whether you have a good case or not and you can make a clear decision based on the options available. 
If you live in Cheshire or the North West and need a legal team who have your best interests at heart, contact DSM Legal Solicitors on 01925 937070, the medical negligence specialists in Warrington. 
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