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The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) is calling a total ban on nuisance telephone calls and spam texts. 
Can The Spam Campaign 
The campaign Can The Spam is aimed at claims management companies who use these unscrupulous tactics and hound members of the public asking if they want to make a personal injury claim.  Because of this intrusive way of trying to drum up business lawyers call for a ban on nuisance calls and texts. 
Most of us will have, or know someone who has, received a nuisance phone call or text message asking if we have had a personal injury claim.  It is highly likely that these calls or text messages will have come from a claims management company and not a solicitor.  Solicitors are not allowed to cold-call and now APIL want a total ban to stop claims management companies from hounding people. 
Justice minister Dominic Raab said himself that there is a cost to society from the ‘substantial industry that encourages claims through cold calling and other social nuisances and which increases premiums for customers’. 
'Cold calling for personal injury claims is exploitative, tasteless, and intrusive,' said APIL president Neil Sugarman. 'Solicitors are not allowed to do it, for these very good reasons. But some claims management companies continue to hound people in this way and we want the government to put a total ban on the practice.' 
Lawyers call for a ban on nuisance calls and texts 
If you have been or are being contacted by a claims management company with unwanted calls and texts, you can report these incidents to APIL who will pass on your details to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). 
You can do this by either tweeting @APILCanTheSpam, using their Facebook page www.facebook.com/canthespam, emailing canthespam@apil.org.uk or by telephoning 0115 943 5416. 
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