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Jeremy Hunt is to impose new contract on junior doctors. 
Although members of the British Medical Association members voted against accepting the deal, the BMA proposed that they accept. Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary has stated that the majority of doctors should be on the contract by autumn next year. 
Dr Johann Malawana, the junior doctor leader, resigned following the result of the vote. He believes that the deal was a good one that should be accepted, during meetings ahead of the poll of 54,000 junior doctors and medical students. 
Hunt had agreed to the contract because of the fear of what will happen to the NHS now that the UK is no longer in the European Union. He stated in the House of Commons “We've been left in no man's land that if it continues can only damage the NHS”. 
The terms agreed are significantly better than the previous government offer. This includes a system of supplements to be paid depending on how many weekends the doctor worked over the course of a year was drawn up. Although some believe that this still was not a good enough agreement and the service will not be properly funded. 
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