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There’s no doubt that employment law can be a complex and confusing subject. If you’re not sure where you stand legally, it’s extremely useful to sit down and talk with a qualified solicitor. Of course, it can be a little scary taking on an employer, especially if they are a big corporation. 
DSM Legal are one of the top employment law solicitors in Cheshire, serving Warrington and the surrounding area. We’ll be able to take you through your options for any legal dispute and make sure you have the right support on your side from the moment you contact us. You’ll always get a sympathetic ear and easy to understand legal advice. 
We are always happy to discuss funding options, including fixed fees, pay as you go and legal expense insurance. 
Employment law covers a wide range of issues, including: 
One of the most common reasons for seeking an employment law solicitor is redundancy. This usually comes with a settlement package which needs the input of a qualified legal team. 
While this is an area that is often clear cut, sometimes the exact opposite is true. There’s a whole procedure that needs to be followed correctly – if it hasn’t, you might feel that you have recourse to compensation. 
You may feel that redundancy isn’t exactly the true reason for your being let go, for example. It could be that you got pregnant and your employer is trying to find an excuse to lower their costs. Or maybe it’s the result of discrimination in the workplace because of who you are. 
Settlement Agreements 
When someone leaves a business or is let go through redundancy, they are often asked to sign a settlement agreement. These are fairly standard in modern employment law, but you do need to get the right legal advice before putting your signature to them. Usually they mean that your employer will give you compensation, as is the case with a redundancy settlement. In return you promise not to take them to a tribunal or you promise to keep certain things confidential regarding your termination. 
Unfair Dismissal 
Being dismissed unfairly can be traumatic and stressful. It can also be difficult to prove without help from a legal team so it’s important to get good advice from the outset. Unfair dismissal includes being let go because you are pregnant, refusing to join or belonging to a trade union, or because you were concerned about health and safety issues in the workplace. 
Discrimination in the Workplace 
While we like to believe that discrimination in the workplace is a thing of the past, unfortunately this is far from the truth. You have the right to be treated equally whatever your race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, whether you have a disability or your age. If you feel that you are being discriminated against, it’s important to contact a good legal team who have experience in this area. 
Bullying/Harassment at Work 
This can take different forms in the workplace and can have a severe impact on your health and wellbeing. It also has a strong relationship to discrimination in the workplace. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with it. You can be sure you’ll get plenty of support and empathy from our legal team. 
Contact Employment Law Solicitors in Cheshire 
It helps to sit down and talk with a qualified solicitor when you have a legal issue relating to work. Your problem will be treated in the strictest confidence and you’ll always get the advice that helps you to move forward. 
If you need an employment law solicitor and live or work in Cheshire, contact our friendly team at DSM Legal Solicitors today on 01925 937070
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