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We all know that looking after our teeth is important. Part of that is about having a good hygiene regime. It also involves paying a visit to the dentist regularly – something most of us don’t really look forward to. As with any health professional, we trust our dentist to provide us with the treatment we need. 
One of the key indemnity organisations for dentists, the DDU, recently reported that it has seen an increase in negligence claims over the last few years. Part of is this is undoubtedly down to people being more aware that they can claim for negligence and understanding their rights. 
What is Dental Negligence? 
Any dental negligence is defined as causing injury or harm because a dentist did not take proper care. This could be because the dentist wasn’t trained properly, simply performed poorly or negligently or misdiagnosed or missed a problem that affected their patient (for example, the development of gum disease). Any harm that can be classed as avoidable, could lead to claim for compensation due to dental negligence. 
Claims for Dentist Compensation 
There are a variety of causes that lead to dental compensation claims. For instance, all procedures undertaken by a dentist have to be with the patient’s consent. A dentist can often carry out these without explaining fully what they are doing or the consequences. 
There are a wide range of cosmetic treatments available nowadays and these require a certain amount of medical training and expertise as well as competence. These dental operations can include putting in veneers, crowns and bridges or fixing braces or dentures. Some of these treatments are a lot more invasive than others and getting it wrong can cause great pain and suffering to the patient, both in the short and long term. 
Most tooth extractions are straightforward, but things can also go wrong with this procedure. Teeth can fracture and nerves can be damaged if your dentist lacks the right skills or simply isn’t concentrating. Problems like gum disease can be catastrophic if they are not identified quickly and delay can cause bone loss that is irreversible. There are other invasive treatments such as dental implants and restorative dentistry which can go wrong for a variety of reasons. 
Why Choose DSM Legal Solicitors? 
Problems can occur when you are the victim of a misdiagnosis, careless or insufficient work. As anyone who has suffered from dental problems will tell you, these can be uncomfortable at best and highly painful at worse. At DSM Legal you get access to a friendly, supportive team who will be able to look at your case independently and advise on how you should proceed 
Our expert team can review the evidence and help you understand what your rights are. If you want to take the case forward, you can be sure of a having a team of solicitors who really know what they are talking about. 
We provide our legal services across the UK and our office is based in Warrington, Cheshire and we cover the whole of the North West. If you feel that you have been the victim of dentist negligence, contact us today on 01925 937070 for a free impartial and confidential consultation. 
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