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Hmm....as the old saying goes if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. 
I was approached recently by a gentleman who was concerned about telephone calls he was receiving from a company putting pressure on him to bring a claim in relation to a recent road traffic accident he had been involved in. 
Although this gentleman tried to explain to the company that called him that he had not suffered any injuries he was told that he could claim for ‘discomfort’ and that they had already negotiated a settlement of £1,500.00 for him. They advised him that all he had to do was sign some papers which they would send to him by courier. 
Can I just sound a warning to anybody who might find themselves in a similar situation? 
If you have not sustained any injuries (as this gentleman hadn’t) do not be persuaded to bring a claim for compensation for personal injuries. It is insurance fraud. 
At the very least you could end up with a substantial costs order against you in the civil courts and worse still, in the criminal courts, a criminal conviction. 
As in all areas of life, steer clear of any companies who cold-call you. If you are injured and wish to bring a compensation claim (which is your legal right) do your research and choose your adviser carefully. Ensure that they are qualified and regulated and have professional indemnity insurance. 
A great deal may depend upon it. 
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