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If you are searching for a solicitor in Warrington, Diane Massey is the Principal Solicitor and Managing Partner of DSM Legal. We provide a friendly and experienced service with a strong track record of success. 
Most people may only need to contact a law firm once or twice during their lifetime. It’s important, however, not to be daunted and to make sure that you choose a legal service that not only fights your corner but also talks to you in plain language. 
As a well-respected solicitor in Warrington, we can help you with several legal issues that may be troubling you at the moment. In many cases, such as professional or clinical negligence or personal injury claims, we offer a no win no fee solution to help your legal action, so you don’t have to find upfront costs. 
We also provide legal services such as helping you to prepare a will, handle probate, set up a power of attorney and deal with complicated employment law issues. 
Negligence and Personal Injury Claims 
Personal injury and negligence cover a wide range of issues, everything from an injury caused by a road traffic accident to the pain and suffering that can often be instigated by the negligence of a medical professional. 
You might, for example, have: 
Been injured while at work and a contributing factor was your employer’s negligence. 
You may have been in a road traffic accident that was caused by another driver and want to claim compensation. 
Perhaps you had treatment under the NHS or through private medical practice and your condition was made worse because of malpractice. 
You might have received a cosmetic procedure that went wrong because the person performing it wasn’t trained properly. 
Negligence doesn’t have to be about personal injury. If you hired the services of a solicitor or accountant, for example, and they let you down, you may be able to claim any financial loss that you might have incurred. 
What makes someone negligent? A doctor who makes mistakes because they have been working long hours and is tired may not sound like they are negligent but the practice that employs them certainly may be. A driver that runs a red light and collides with your car is definitely at fault. Negligence can occur in many forms from the business that fails to cordon off a wet floor to the top surgeon who hasn’t updated his skills in a while. 
One of the things that will put someone off making a personal injury claim is the cost. Especially if you are taking on a big organisation like the NHS for a negligence claim, it can be incredibly daunting. 
The good news is that your solicitor in Warrington will generally offer what is called a no win no fee scheme. They’ll offer you a free consultation to ascertain whether you have the basis for a claim or not. They’ll also be there to fight our side and support you every step of the way. 
If you do, the no win no fee or conditional legal service means that the solicitor will take on your case without charging any upfront fees. They will need to be confident of winning to do this which is why that initial consultation is so important. 
When the claim is successfully settled and you receive compensation, the fees are charged out of the amount that is awarded. This is normally agreed beforehand and is often a percentage of the final settlement. 
Make a Will and Power of Attorney 
As one of the leading solicitors in Warrington, DSM Legal don’t just offer personal injury and negligence advice and support. We’re also able to help you make a will, put in place power of attorney and assist with difficult issues such as settling estates after someone has passed away. 
Most people know that it’s important to make a will. Unfortunately, it’s something that many of us tend to put off. Dying intestate, or without a will, can be incredibly traumatic for those that you leave behind. It could mean that they have to go to court to ascertain where your assets and property go after your death. And it’s so easy to put right. 
Making a will is not as difficult as many people think. At DSM Legal, we can help you put together a comprehensive will that gives you and your family complete peace of mind. We can also help support your loved ones after you pass away by providing probate services. 
In the last twenty or so years, with many of us living to ripe old age, power of attorney has become increasingly important. 
How do you make sure that your best interests are looked after if you are no longer able to make competent decisions? 
A power of attorney nominates someone to effectively take over from you, for example, if you develop dementia or you have an accident or incapacitating health condition. Again, it’s something our solicitors in Warrington can support you with. 
Employment Law 
Employment law is a big and complex subject area. Many employees, especially if they work for a relatively large company, don’t think they have much recourse for legal action. This is not always true. The law on areas such as unfair dismissal and discrimination, for example, is pretty clear. 
Legal advice in this area is not always confrontational. If you have excepted voluntary redundancy, you will need to show your agreement to a local solicitor who will advise you before anything is signed off. 
In more serious cases, we’ve come across employees that have been unfairly dismissed or had their job prospects curtailed because of some form of discrimination, whether it’s because they are disabled, because of their sexuality, gender or race. 
Like taking the NHS court, taking legal action against your employer can also be pretty daunting. That’s why we offer a completely confidential service to our clients. That means nothing will get back to your employer until you are ready to proceed. Our job is to advise you about what your options are and give you the tools you need to make a claim. 
If you need to find solicitors in Warrington that talk your language and have the experience to support you, contact the team at DSM Legal on 01925 937070
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