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A rogue claims management company has been fined £220,000 by the Claims Management Regulator (CMR) for cold calling members of the public. 
The Hearing Clinic would telephone people asking (without invitation or permission) if they had suffered noise induced hearing loss.  The CMR are now taking action against companies who disregard requests from people not to be telephoned, including calling those who have registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). 
The large fine of £220,000 is the first to be issued by the regulator since the government issued new fining powers in December 2014. 
As well as a hefty fine, additional conditions have been placed upon The Hearing Clinic including restrictions around calling those registered with the Telephone Preference Service and using data obtained from third party companies. 
Kevin Rousell, Head of Claims Management Regulation at the Ministry of Justice, said: 'The new fines mean we have greater powers to crack down on claims management companies that make nuisance calls. Companies should be in no doubt that if they break the rules then we won't hesitate to fine them in addition to the tough action we already take.' 
If you are receiving unwanted and unsolicited telephone calls you can register your telephone number with the Telephone Preference Service by clicking here.  You can also do the same for junk mail by registering with the Mail Preference Service by clicking here.  If companies continue to telephone you and send junk mail to you, after you have registered with the TPS and MPS, you can complain to the TPS and MPS who can take action on your behalf. 
For more information on the story please visit the Solicitors Journal website by clicking here. 
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