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The Coronavirus pandemic and its fallout was not something that any of us could have foreseen just a few short months ago. It has certainly reminded us all of the importance of planning for the unexpected. 
One quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to safeguard your assets for your family in the future is to have a Will drafted.  If you already have a Will now may be the ideal time to have it reviewed and updated. 
A Will provides you with choice 
In your Will you can choose your executors, make known your funeral wishes, pass heirlooms or jewellery to a particular beneficiary, such as grandchildren, and/or pass on financial gifts.  You may also wish to leave a gift to charity.  If you have young children, you will want to ensure that if the worst happens, they are cared for by a person(s) of your choice.  You can even write into your Will who you wish to look after your pet.  All of these matters can be taken care of in a carefully drafted Will. 
If you already have a Will it is important to look at it again if it is over 5 years old or there have been any major changes in your circumstances since the Will was prepared, such as moving house or having a family.  In some instances where there is a major change your Will can be unknowingly revoked. 
Without a Will your wishes may not be fulfilled 
If you die without having made a Will you are be said to have died ‘intestate.’ In that case your estate will be distributed according to the law, not your wishes.  This can be a particular problem where a couple is unmarried as your estate will not automatically go to your partner. 
Similarly, where there is a second marriage and there are children from the first marriage those children could potentially miss out on their inheritance in the absence of a properly drafted Will. 
It can be stressful and expensive for those left behind if there is no Will in existence and it can cause upset within the family. 
Many of us may find that we have more time during this lockdown than we usually have, perhaps because we are not commuting to work, visiting relatives or eating out, so now is the perfect time to get the boring (but essential) stuff out of the way! 
Making a Will is a very simple process 
We provide a free initial no-obligation telephone consultation so that you can tell us what your wishes are. We can then advise on the type of Will which would be suitable for you. 
In these difficult times we are happy to take your instructions by telephone/email/video so there is no need for you to have a face-to-face meeting. 
Whilst we always offer competitive prices and excellent value for money, during this difficult time we are offering an additional 20% discount. 
If your Will is straightforward it can be ready within days. 
We will email the Will to you for approval (or by post if you prefer) and once you are happy with the Will we will post it out to you the same day. 
You will need to have your Will witnessed by two independent witnesses, so we will advise on your options during lockdown. 
If you would like to discuss how we can help call us on 01925 937070 or email me direct at diane@dsmlegal.co.uk. 
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