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The number of uninsured cars on the road is estimated to be 1.2 million, having fallen from 2 million in 2005.*  Automatic Number Plate Recognition used by the police has played a major part in this reduction as uninsured vehicles can be easily identified. 
The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) is funded by insurance companies to compensate victims of uninsured motorists.  The level of compensation will vary but where injuries have been sustained it is essential to obtain a medical report which deals fully with all aspects of the injuries so that the correct amount of compensation is received. 
As a general rule once a claim has been settled it is not possible to reopen it at a later date if the injuries turn out to be worse than first thought.  Whilst the process of obtaining compensation through the MIB can be drawn out we would always recommend seeking advice about making an application to find out if there is a claim. 
Despite some adverse publicity about bringing compensation claims you have a legal right to be compensated if an uninsured driver has been negligent.  The system exists to compensate people who otherwise would have no recourse against uninsured drivers.  Use it or lose it. 
If you have been the victim of an uninsured driver, contact DSM Legal today for free, confidential advice on 01925 937070 or email diane@dsmlegal.co.uk. 
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