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We are still receiving enquiries from clients who have been severely burned from their exploding Samsung mobile phones.  Not only is it a frightening and dangerous experience, clients are being left with life-changing scars due to their burns. 
Samsung Smartphones Exploding 
Samsung smartphones are reportedly spontaneously bursting into flames, sometimes when in their owner's pocket causing burns and injury.  Other consumers are claiming their smartphones become extremely hot, very quickly, when being used for short periods of time. 
Exploding Samsung Mobile Phones 
The Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 was recalled just weeks after it's 2016 launch, following reports of it spontaneously bursting into flames.  An investigation by Samsung later revealed there to be an issue with the battery overheating.  Samsung developed a brand new safety check system for building its phones. 
Samsung are now promising that their smartphones are safer than ever.  However, that doesn't help the consumers who still own or have recently purchased (from second-hand goods websites) affected smartphones and are unaware of the previous Samsung safety issues.  They literally have a ticking time bomb in their pocket! 
Have you been affected by an exploding smartphone? 
At DSM Legal, we have helped other clients who have been injured due to an exploding smartphone.  Call us in confidence on 01925 937070 or fill out our enquiry form.  We will call you back at a time convenient to you. 
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