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We’re lucky in the UK in having a great NHS that is available free to everyone at point of contact. For the most part, the medical and healthcare professionals we encounter provide a remarkable service, often without the recognition they deserve. 
But things can go wrong and, if you have suffered clinical negligence from a GP, it can have long term and traumatic consequences to you as an individual. DSM Legal is a Warrington based solicitors with a great deal of experience handling claims for medical negligence of all kinds. 
What is Clinical Negligence? 
When we think about clinical negligence, we often have visions of surgical procedures or expensive tests which have gone wrong and left a person with life-changing consequences. Most of us will see our GP more than any other health professional during our lifetimes and getting a proper diagnosis for any condition most usually starts here. 
Types of clinical negligence by a GP can include: 
Misdiagnosing or failing to diagnose a medical problem. 
Not getting treatment or medical tests carried out in an appropriate period of time. 
Mismanaging minor procedures and causing personal injury. 
Prescribing the wrong medicine or wrong dosage
It can, of course, be quite daunting to take on someone like a GP or other medical professional. For most people, there isn’t that deep understanding of medical practices and procedures doctors and nurses have. In fact, we tend to trust that our doctor is doing the job they were trained to do. 
GP clinical negligence is actually more common than most people think. Failure to diagnose a condition properly can involve a wide range of healthcare professionals but the GP is usually the starting point and where they send you next is critical. 
Delay in fully diagnosing a condition such as cancer because you haven’t been sent for the right tests, for instance, can have really serious consequences. 
Why Contact Your Warrington Based Solicitors 
If you feel that your GP has been negligent and that you may have reason to make a claim, then it’s important you sit down with a qualified and experienced solicitor to talk things through as soon as possible. Clinical negligence can have serious knock-on effects. For instance, a delay in diagnosing a condition such as dementia could well mean that treatments which would have been effective aren’t useful by time a full assessment has been made. 
You might need help with finances because you have either lost work or lost your job. 
You might require specific physiotherapy or need to have adaptations made to your home or your vehicle. 
You could require counselling to help you get over your medical condition. 
Why Choose DSM Legal? 
After clinical negligence from a GP, finding the right Warrington based solicitor to handle your case is vitally important. At DSM Legal, we have the experience to help you navigate your clinical negligence claim. 
You’ll get a sympathetic ear and we’ll listen closely to your claim, look at the evidence and give you impartial advice on what to do next.  Your first consultation is free, and we operate a no win no fee service which means you don’t have to find money for legal fees until the claim is successfully settled in your favour. 
If you think you have been the victim of GP negligence, contact our Warrington solicitors today on 01925 937070 to find out more.. 
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